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Crosby Iron Works was started over 20 years ago by Paul A. Wishcherath.

Crosby Iron Works prides itself in being "old fashioned" . Our employees are paid by the hour,. They are not sub-contractors or paid "incentive wages", which means the installers are paid a set rate for what they install whether it takes one hour or two days!

Our installers at Crosby Iron Works are loyal professionals and range in experience from 8 to 20 years. They all have been trained in house. Crosby Iron Works is the only fence company they have worked for. All work is performed the "tried and true" proven way each and every time to assure old fashioned quality.

Built Right The First Time

Our custom Iron Gates are made from mild carbon steel-welded together and have components of forged steel and cast iron. They are then sand blasted and powder coated.

All posts are set in wet concrete. The means Crosby Iron Works will take two days to install your fence. One day to set the posts and another day to put the fence up after the concrete has set up. (Other companies might throw a bag of quickcrete in the hole and hope nature adds moisture to it for concrete.) Crosby Iron Works will also pick up the excess dirt from the post holes and pile it conveniently on your property at no extra charge to you.

The red cedar & pressure treated fences are made right on the job, board by board, so if have a scallop fence all the panels will be equal, with no chopped ready made panel at the end of a line. We box in the corners on all wooded fences, so the rail ends are not exposed.

Crosby Iron Works can "Curve or Bend" a chain link fence to blend with the landscaping around your pool and/or patio to soften the look and enhance the landscaping. Since we do not charge for terminal post there is no additional charge for this.

We set all chain link posts in wet concrete and not the quicker method of driving.

Other companies may be able to install a fence in a day, but at Crosby Iron Works we prefer to take our time and do it the old fashioned way.

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